9/1: Shelby Co Invitational

Make a mess. Make a memory. Make a PR!!

Location: East Middle School

Meet Schedule:

12:15 **Report Time **

12:30 Walk through

1:30 4th & 5th Grade Girls 1 Mile

1:50 4th & 5th Grade Boys 1 Mile

2:10 3rd & Under Girls 1 Mile

2:30 3rd & Under Boys 1 Mile

2:50 Boys Open 1 Mile

3:10 Girls Open 1 Mile

4:15 Post Meet Food, Fun, & Fellowship at Cattleman’s Roadhouse

**If not doing walk through, please report 45 minutes before your kiddo’s scheduled race**


Address & Directions:


600 Rocket Lane
Shelbyville, KY 40065

221 Breighton Circle
Shelbyville, KY 40065


Directions from Dunn to East Middle School

Start out going southeast on Rudy Ln toward Ashwood Bluff Dr (0.49 miles)

Turn left onto Brownsboro Rd/US-42 E  (0.10 miles)

Merge onto I-264 W/Henry Watterson Expy W (1.81 miles)

Take the I-64 exit, EXIT 20, toward Lexington/Louisville (0.31 miles)

Take the I-64 E/I-264 W/US-60 Byp W exit, EXIT 19B-A, on the left (0.83 miles)

Merge onto I-64 E via EXIT 19A toward Lexington (23.22 miles)

Take the KY-53 exit, EXIT 35, toward Shelbyville (0.26 miles)

Keep left to take the ramp toward Shelbyville (0.03 miles)

Turn left onto Mount Eden Rd/KY-53 (2.01 miles)

Turn right onto Frankfort Rd/US-60 E (1.48 miles)

Turn left onto Rocket Ln/KY-1871 (0.53 miles)

East Middle School, 600 Rocket Ln, Shelbyville, KY, 600 ROCKET LN is on the left.




221 Breighton Circle
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Directions from Shelby Co. High School to Cattleman’s Roadhouse

Start out going south on Rocket Ln/KY-1871 toward Frankfort Rd/US-60 E/US-60 W.

Turn right onto Frankfort Rd/US-60 W. (0.21 miles)

Turn left onto Mount Eden Rd/KY-53. (1.48 miles)

Merge onto I-64 W toward Louisville. (1.79 miles)

Take the KY-55 exit, EXIT 32, toward Taylorsville/Shelbyville. (2.95 miles)

Keep left to take the ramp toward Finchville/Taylorsville. (0.30 miles)

Turn left onto KY-55/Taylorsville Rd. (0.05 miles)

Turn right onto Breighton Blvd. (0.50 miles)

Turn right onto Breighton Cir. (0.22 miles)

Cattleman’s Roadhouse, 221 BREIGHTON CIRCLE. (0.36 miles)