9/20: FCA Champions Invitational

Location: Southeast Christian Church

Meet Schedule:

4:30 Walk Through

5:15 1st/2nd Grade Girls (1 mile)

5:35 1st/2nd  Boys (1 mile)

5:55 3rd/4th Girls (1 mile)

6:15 3rd/4th Boys (1 mile)

6:35 5th/6th ALL (2 miles)

Address & Directions:

920 Blankenbaker Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40243


Directions from Dunn to Southeast Christian

Take I-264 West/Watterson Expressway West

Take the US-60/Shelbyville Road/I-64 exit, EXIT 20, toward Middletown/Lexington/Louisville/St Matthews. (1.81 miles)

Take the US-60 E/Shelbyville Road exit, EXIT 19B-A, on the left toward Middletown (.31 miles)

Take the I-64 E/I-264 W/US-60 Byp W exit, EXIT 19B-A, on the left (.23 miles)

Merge onto I-64 E via EXIT 19A toward Lexington (.60 miles)

Take the Blankenbaker Parkway exit, EXIT 17 (4.87 miles)

Keep left to take the Blankenbaker Parkway N ramp (.29 miles)

Turn slight right onto Blankenbaker Parkway (.50 miles)

Southeast Christian Church, 920 BLANKENBAKER PKWY. (.41 miles)